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Sav-On Fiberglass offers a wide array of fiberglass supplies and composite materials for a variety of applications, including marine, automotive, architectural, custom car stereo enclosures, electronics, cultured marble, home renovation, studio art, sculpture, do-it-yourself (DIY) home repair, DIY fiberglass repair, sound dampening, vibration dampening, waterproofing, concrete crack repair, and epoxy floor coatings.

We supply Sav-On epoxy resins, Sav-On fiberglass polyester resins, Sav-On vinyl ester resins, fiberglass materials, fiberglass cloth, fiberglass woven roving, fiberglass chopped strand mat, fiberglass tape, fiberglass milled fibers, catalysts, hardeners, polyester gel coats and more. We are suppliers of Awlgrip paints, AwlGrip topside paints, AwlGrip epoxy primers, and AwlGrip reducers. We offer mold releases, mold making supplies, and all the fiberglass materials, tools and fiberglass supplies necessary for working with the above products.

We are a popular fiberglass supplier to fiberglass fabricators, boat builders, shower pan makers, DIY fiberglass repair, DIY home repair and other fiberglass users around the country.

Our Specialties Include:

 • Fiberglass Resins
Polyester resins
     Epoxy resins
     Vinyl Ester resin

Resin Hardeners
MEKP Catalysts
   MEKP Hardeners
   Epoxy hardeners

MEKP Dispensers
 • Fiberglass Materials
Fiberglass chopped strand mat
     Fiberglass cloth
     Woven roving
     Fiberglass tape
     Fiberglass boat cloth

Fiberglass Gel Coat & Pigments
Fiberglass Resin Fillers
Fiberglass milled fibers
     Fiberglass chopped strands
     Microspheres filler
     Carbon fiber
 • Paints
AwlGrip epoxy primers
     AwlGrip paints
     AwlGrip reducers
    AwlGrip topside paints
    Fiberglass boat paint

Non-Skid Particles

We also supply tools for fabricating products of fiberglass and composite materials—like automotive products and fiberglass shower pans—and we offer a full selection of boat building supplies and boat repair materials.
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We supply Awlgrip Paints!


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